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Love and War-Acton adventure RP

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Love and War-Acton adventure RP Empty Love and War-Acton adventure RP

Post by Americano Blue Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:23 pm

~Love and War~

"Kill him! Kill him!" the crowd shouted wildly. Cross looked up at his mentor, waiting for the 'okay'. His mentor nodded and Cross stabbed his rival through the heart. The boy's body slumped to the ground. Cross pulled his sword out of the lifeless body and beheaded his rival. He held the head in the air as if to prove the child was in fact dead. The crowd roared with glee as Cross took his rightful place in the middle of the arena, now champion.

Mandy watched in horror as the two boys fought. She threw up in her mouth as the young boy killed the older one and cut off his head. She shivered as the crowd she was in roared with applause and glee as the boy stood in the middle of the arena. She couldn't watch this any longer and she ran from the arena.

Story plot:
About every five months, five of the strongest and best child fighters  are chosen to fight in the arena. The winner is rewarded with riches, a medal and a feast. The more medals you have, the more you are worth. The best children who are trained and raise to go to the arena stay in a special camp called 'Camp Victor'. It is every child's dream to one day go and live there but few are chosen.  But all is not as it seems, slowly children start to go missing months before battle, buildings catch on fire and other strange things. Most don't notice or don't care, but others start to notice. Will you survive the battles? Will you and your friends be able to find out what is going on? Friendships will be tested, promises will be broken and lies will be told for all is fair in Love and War.  


* All Awesomeanimals Rules apply.
* Do not kill another person's character without their permission and my knowledge.
* Do Not control another person's character.
* If you would like to be a mentor, PM me. I have different forms/rules for them (Plus some extra details..)
* I have to right to accept or decline your character or ask you to leave the RP (I don't think it will get to that but still)
* Please no major details about killing someone or if you get sick.
* If you want to switch teams, please PM me. I may or may not allow it at that moment.
* If you have a problem with another RPer, please take it to a PM
* Your characters will most likely die but put 'favorite' in other and I will do my best to keep them alive, ok ?
* What I say goes.
* Fill out entire form please.
* Put some effort into this RP, I would like it to last.
* No instant healing, power fighting or godmodding.
* You cannot dodge every blow.
* Please be fair and semi realistic when fighting.
* If you have read all the rules, write 'all is fair' in other.
* Have fun and tell your friends!

Thank you for reading the rules!
-Americano Blue


Wolf Pack: Guys only. They are ruthless and hardly ever show mercy. They are skilled fighters and don't care about other's 'feelings'. Not many friendships are made with these guys.

Lion pride: Girls only! They are basically the female version of 'Wolf pack'.

Golden Eagles:Guys only! They are nicer then 'Wolf Pack' and are more likely to show mercy. They are pleasant to be around and hangout with when they are not in battle.

Snow Owls: Girls only! They are basically the female version on 'Golden Eagles'

Blood Hounds: Both guys and girls make up this team. Most of them don't enjoying fighting but are still very good at it. They are the ones who first noticed the children going missing and other strange things.

Mentors: They are the ones who train the kids in their teams to fight. They take orders from the "Masters".  They are some of the best fighters in the land and were hand picked carefully. There is a four mentors limit per team. There are two types, Captains and leaders. The captain is in charge of the entire team including the other mentors. Leader are second in command over the team under the Captain. Mentors can trade fighters among each other

Fighters (You guys): They are the children/ teens that are taken to the camp to fight. They have no real power and have to obey the Masters, Keepers and Mentors (of their team) or they will be punished. Punishment is based off of level of disobedience and the individual mentor.

Masters (I play the Masters): They are the rulers of the land and the camp. They are hardly ever seen.

Keepers ( I play keepers unless I give someone permission): They carry out the orders from the Masters and are basically the Masters right-hand-man.


Age (13<):

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Americano Blue
Americano Blue

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Love and War-Acton adventure RP Empty Re: Love and War-Acton adventure RP

Post by Animal Lover Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:43 pm

Name: Phenix
Age (13<): 15
Gender: Female
Team: Wolf Pack
Personality: Strong, Light on her feet, A little bloodthirsty. She can be pretty snappy most of the time but it is mainly because she feels like she can't trust anyone. Her only desire is to win.
History: She ran away from home and was taken to fight. She doesn't miss being home, she just isn't sure if she likes where she is right now.
Crush: Open
Pic:Love and War-Acton adventure RP 4fd19716a38738fef6241c9769d45dfc
Mentor (Look on Character page for Mentors):
Other: All is fair
Member: Animal Lover
Animal Lover
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Love and War-Acton adventure RP Empty Re: Love and War-Acton adventure RP

Post by Americano Blue Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:12 pm

(Only guys are in Wolf pack. She can be in Lion Pride though :) Just change that and she is accepted!)
Americano Blue
Americano Blue

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Love and War-Acton adventure RP Empty Re: Love and War-Acton adventure RP

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